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Letter From The Founders

Dear MindTerra (Formerly Moving the Needles) community,


Words cannot express how grateful we are to have you all be a part of our journey to use writing as a tool for mental well-being. We have been so blessed to meet, learn, and grow from each and every one of you. You bring so much just by showing up to our events, sharing your unique perspectives and stories, and being present. 


Many of you may not know, but we started Moving the Needles as a fun project and publication in April 2020, whereby our main goal was to write and tell stories of good work happening in the world. As we began to recruit friends and people around us to write for the publication, it gradually became apparent that there was so much power and value in simply gathering and using writing as a tool for connection and reflection. We held our first event in June, and since then, we knew we wanted to focus on the power of writing and words and connecting with people like yourself. 


After six months of hosting Writing Verandas and three Wellness Writing programs, we have shifted, grown, and evolved so much from our initial vision. Our original name, Moving the Needles, no longer captures the direction we are headed in, and we felt it appropriate to rebrand our community to better reflect our vision of a place where everyone feels included, heard, and empowered through writing and connection. We wanted a name that resembles the feeling of coming home to a space of love, care, and trust, and we are excited to announce our new name - MindTerra. 


“Terra” means land, which alludes to grounding down; paired together with “Mind,” this represents how important it is to ground down and take care of all parts of our mind. Albeit a different name, we are still the same community doing what we believe in and care about and nothing will change with regards to the quality of programs that we offer. We will continue to offer a safe and inclusive space for you to come be your authentic selves and show up as you are. 


We have a lot of new and exciting changes planned for 2021, and this is just the first step. We hope you’ll continue to join our journey of growth as we move into the new year. 


With lots of love, 

Tessa and Fair 

Co-founders of MindTerra (formerly Moving the Needles)


Frequently Asked Questions                  

Over the past few months, ever since our inception during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have grown to become different from our initial concept. We started out as a publication seeking to illuminate the work of changemakers, and eventually became a writing space that encourages people to dedicate intentional time towards the reflective and creative act of writing, while supporting our community and their mental well being. As such, we felt that a new name was necessary in order to reflect our company’s new mission, vision, and values.

While the name, Moving the Needles, is still beautiful and dear to us, it no longer encaptures our new, more focused mission to promote our community’s mental well being through writing. Albeit our new name, MindTerra, we are still the same writing space and community that you know and love. We still believe that everyone’s stories are important, words can change the world for the better, and our space allows our community to come home to themselves.


Why are you changing your name from Moving the Needles to MindTerra? 


What does this mean for me?

If we’re being honest: not much! When you do hear from us whether on social media, our website or otherwise, we will look slightly different, but we will still be the same community you know and love, offering the same programs to you and so much more.


Does this change any of your programs?

Nope! We will still have the same programs, Writing Veranda and Wellness Writing, with introspective and creative content! Our new company name more closely aligns with what our programs represent. Our programs are a place for our community to explore and share their unique stories while unpacking their mental wellbeing in a safe and supportive space.


Will there be any other changes coming?

Yes, stay tuned! We’re continuously growing and refining our programs and additional offerings so that we can best cater to our community.

We hope we answered any questions you may have about our name change. If you have any other questions, please email us at, and we will respond to you as soon as we can!

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