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35 One-worded Journaling Prompts

You never know where a single, simple word can take you. We’ve compiled 35 one-worded prompts from previous Writing Verandas to let your imagination and creativity run free.

How we recommend journaling:

Grab your journal and pen, pick a prompt (or combine two or more!) and set aside uninterrupted time (at least 10 minutes). Then, just write and let your thoughts flow!

We can’t wait to see where one word can take you. If you’re feeling up to it, share your writing with us on Instagram or email us at - we’d love to hear from you! And if you want to write along to music, we’ve curated our very own MindTerra playlist on Spotify here.

And without further ado, here are the prompts:

  1. Air

  2. Lemonade

  3. Fireworks

  4. Snow

  5. Headphones

  6. Stairs

  7. Blender

  8. Keys

  9. Rain

  10. Creatures

  11. Quicksand

  12. Chain

  13. Rules

  14. Wait!

  15. Mountains

  16. Resistance

  17. Bomb

  18. Puddles

  19. Lightning

  20. Elements

  21. Challenges

  22. Ship

  23. Broom

  24. Splinter

  25. Cooking

  26. Repair

  27. Voodoo

  28. Belonging

  29. Lighthouse

  30. Stop!

  31. Magnets

  32. Screens

  33. Cavities

  34. Chess

  35. Slice

If you’d like to come write with us in person, check out our Writing Veranda and Journaling Terrace at Both spaces are donation-based, so you can contribute what you’re able to. We look forward to seeing you there and writing together.

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