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Mental health is not 
a priority.
We design and implement programs to improve mental fitness and self-discovery.

The pandemic has helped us look within more.

We slowed down. We breathed more. We noticed more. 

As we emerge from the pandemic, continuing the self-awareness and self-discovery journey is just as important.

MindTerra is your guide to self-discovery and mental fitness. 
What we offer
How we work
We deliver fun and engaging workshops through our proprietary curriculum making it easier to exercise your mental fitness.
Our curated materials and resources allow you the flexibility to choose what resonates and for you to use at your own pace.
1:1 Coaching
Our certified coaches help you connect with your authentic self, make aligned choices, and confidently live your fullest life.
Flagship workshops


Self-discovery through colors

In this workshop, you'll:

  • Identify and acknowledge your emotions

  • Learn more about your "inner voice" and self-talk

  • Rewire your inner voice to one that is more kind and compassionate

  • Be guided through personal "mirror work"

  • Create your personalized “emotion palette,” a way to expand emotional awareness and identify their emotions through colors


Life mapping

In this workshop, you'll:

  • Reflect on and answer prompts to help you look deeper into yourself

  • Gain more clarity around your values, who you are, and what’s important to you

  • Craft a unique personal mission statement

  • Gain the awareness to live in greater alignment with your most authentic self

Our clients

Partnering with social enterprise, ila, we ran Adidas Thailand’s first workshop on diversity, inclusion, and mental health. 

The hour-long workshop for 80 employees helped reframe mental health in the workplace.


We partnered with Leadership Education for Aspiring Physicians (LEAP) organization at Stanford to co-host LEAP for Mental Health, a one-day online conference to promote Asian-American Mental Health.


We created a three-week program to engage the company’s community using the company’s products. 

The “21-day Journey Back to Self” program sold 1000+ tickets. 

We’ve worked with multinational companies, universities
…small businesses, design agencies, and social enterprises.

We worked with self-care start-up Inner Workout to engage their community around mental well-being. 

The co-created week-long challenge included events from both Inner Workout and MindTerra based on the theme “Shifts”.


With Amplifi, we brainstormed how to create space for people to reflect on their use of language and its impact on their mental health. 


The two workshops inspired stories which were then shared at an exhibition in Bangkok.


After designing a survey to understand Potato Productions’ needs, we researched and created around stress and burnout in Singapore. 

The 1-hour session centered around improving employee mental well-being and was attended by 15 employees.

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