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Our Community Projects

MindTerra is proud to support projects that promote mental fitness and build emotional intelligence.

Writing Veranda

Mission: The Writing Veranda Project strives to build mental strength, wellness, and self exploration through expressive writing and community conversations. 

What We DoWith a pen in hand and an open mind, we hold monthly virtual sessions called Writing Verandas where we write creatively, connect, and reflect for wellness. 


Life’s hustle and bustle often doesn’t give us space to check in with ourselves; to think about what we need at this moment. At our Writing Verandas, we make space for our community to write and share about topics surrounding our sense of self and our wellbeing. Our past themes have included grief, work-life balance, sex and sexuality, inner child healing, and more. Through writing and community support, we hope to connect with people and join them on their journey in the internal healing process through writing and sharing.


We’d love to have you join us for an invigorating writing session. All you’ll need is something to write with and yourself. 

The People Who Make It Happen


I am passionate about community-oriented social justice and change and equity for all intersectional identities.

Sabrina Lee



I am a creative and passionate community facilitator whose talent is supporting and empowering women of color in the field of mental wellbeing and creative self-expression.

ShanShan Guo


I am an optimistic and driven supporter whose talent is organizing and planning for anyone needing a helping hand

in writing.

Linda Tran

Social Media Coordinator

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