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We provide live guided writing sessions in an inclusive and diverse space, for your mental well-being.

Our Programs

Writing Veranda

A one-hour session to write and connect through creative and reflective prompts.

  • Grounding quote of the day

  • Three writing prompts

  • Small breakout rooms

  • Large group share out

Wellness Writing

A week-long themed-experience using expressive writing best practices for your mental well-being.

  • Sunday session to ground down and prepare for the week

  • Friday session to reflect and take stock of the week

  • Daily Challenges to help you stay engaged throughout the week

Mental Health Talks

Special sessions led by licensed therapists that discuss various aspects of mental health. 

  • Talk led by therapist

  • Writing prompts curated by therapist

  • Moderated large group share out time

Why Join Us?

“[MindTerra] has also provided me with a sense of community, a space where I feel accepted and understood, as well as a source of inspiration.”

Ping Rochanavibhata

PhD candidate at Northwestern University

“My favorite part is the breakout rooms, where you start out as strangers and leave half heartedly with so much more to share!”

Priya Tatachar

Pediatrician & Neurologist 

“It's easy to come up with a thousand excuses as to why we don't have time to be quiet and write so I truly enjoy the deliberate space created to do so with others.”

Josh Nadzam

co-founder of On The Move Art Studio

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