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We provide live guided writing sessions in an inclusive and diverse space, for your mental well-being.

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Why Join Us?

"MindTerra has provided me with a sense of community, a space where I feel accepted and understood, as well as a source of inspiration."

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Ping Rochanavibhata

PhD Candidate,

Northwestern University

“My favorite part is the breakout rooms, where you start out as strangers and leave half heartedly with so much more to share!”

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Priya Tatachar

Pediatrician & Neurologist 

“This community welcomes me to express myself and find alternative ways to enjoy traveling without leaving my home!”

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Mia Armstrong

Pediatric Physician 

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Ready to get back into the habit of journaling or writing? Excited to see how you can use writing to as a tool for mental well-being? Or simply curious to learn more?


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